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We are an independent agency on the Outer Banks of NC with the customer in mind. Independent agents have relationships with dozens of insurance companies, allowing you to get an affordable price with quality service. Whether you have the ideal history insurance companies desire, or a not-so-perfect history, we find your selected coverage, with a reputable company, at a competitive price. Request the latest changes to your policy directly from our website twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Use any of our convenient forms located at the top for policy service directly from your home or office.

Obtaining insurance policies on the Outer Banks of North Carolina presents a unique set of considerations. The region's stunning coastal beauty and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean make it prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, storm surges, and flooding. As a result, insurance coverage on the Outer Banks takes on added significance, providing essential protection against potential property damage and financial loss. Insurance policies specific to this area often incorporate provisions for windstorm and flood insurance, addressing the distinct risks associated with coastal living. With the specialized knowledge and expertise of insurance providers familiar with the Outer Banks, residents and businesses can secure comprehensive coverage that safeguards their assets and offers peace of mind in the face of the region's unique challenges.

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North Carolina Insurance

"We've lived and worked on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for years. Understanding this area allows us to tailor our insurance products to your specific needs and to offer the best possible service. We provide valuable insight and advice to ensure you get the insurance policy that's right for your family or your business."

– Chip Phillips: President/Insurance Agent

Chip Phillips
Jennifer Phillips

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"We're dedicated independent insurance agents. You'll have great customer service to go along with your customized policy. For further convenience, most of the insurance companies we represent offer 24-hour online payment, claims reporting, policy access, and policy adjustment capabilities."

– Jennifer Phillips: Vice-President

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We'll find you a policy that makes the most sense for you because insurance matters.

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When covering your recreational vehicle; we'll find the best options for you.

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We help you understand all options and find the right insurance to protect your family.

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If you’re driving a vehicle for business, it’s important to have the right insurance.

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